Importing Still Images - PE

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File Management

Premiere Elements does not copy the still image files when they are imported. Move the files into a folder within your Premiere Elements Project folder before you import them.

Importing Still Images

  1. Go to File > Get Media From > Files and Folders.
  2. Find your project folder.
  3. Select the folder with the images.
  4. Click Import.
  5. There might be an error message about a .DS_Store file. Ignore this and click OK.
  6. The folder will now appear in the Project panel. Double click the folder to see the images.

Editing Stills

  1. Drag a still image into the timeline, just like with a video clip.
    • Stills that do not fit the aspect ratio dimensions of the project will be automatically scaled to fit the screen and may have black bars.
    • Each still clip will have a default duration of five seconds, and can be adjusted by using the edge edit tools.