LDAP - Address Book

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These instructions describe how to get your mail client to look up Evergreen email addresses from the college's LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) server. Follow the directions below depending on which desktop email client you are using.

Mac Mail

  1. In Preferences > Composing check the box for "Automatically Complete Addresses" and then click the button next to it to "Configure LDAP"
  2. Click the plus button in the bottom left hand corner
  3. Use the following configuration settings;
    Name - Whatever you want
    Sever - directory.evergreen.edu
    Search Base - dc=evergreen,dc=edu


  1. In Preferences > Composition > Addressing click the Directory Server box
  1. Select Edit Directories and Add to set up an entry for Evergreen LDAP
  2. In Addition, go to the Tools menu on the top bar, and choose Account Settings... from the bottom of that menu
  3. Click on the item that says "Composition and Addressing" on the left side of the menu
  4. Under Addressing, click the button labeled Use a different LDAP server andf click Edit Directories
  5. When the next dialog box appears, click the Add button and enter the following values:
    Name - Whatever name you want
    Hostname - directory.evergreen.edu
    Base DN - dc=evergreen,dc=edu
    Use defaults for all the rest
  6. Once you've created this LDAP server, click ok a few times, then select the new LDAP server that you created from the pulldown menu, click ok once more.