LMS Access Exception Process for Faculty

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(Need a TA or program assistant added? Please see this guide, Program Assistants and TAs in Canvas.)

Why is there an Exception Process?

Students who are added to a Canvas or Wordpress site who have not yet registered have been confused into thinking their registration is complete. In order to provide a more predictable and understandable process for students, the Academic Division has chosen to implement an LMS exception process.

The Standard/College Enrollment Practice

Student logins will load into curricular sites (Canvas or Wordpress) once their registration has been completed. The Academic Division determined that students should only have access to resources once they have registered for an offering. Students not registered will have the following experience:

  • In Canvas, the student will not be able to access any part of the site for the offering.
  • In Wordpress, this could mean the student would not have access to some protected resources if those have already been setup by the faculty.

What is the Exception Process?

All exceptions (e.g. programs, contracts, wait-listed or visiting students, etc.) for access should go through an academic approval process initiated via a help ticket using the subject line “LMS Exception Request."

Information to include in your ticket:

  • name of offering and term(s)
  • name of student, their Evergreen username/email, and "A" number
  • reason the student should be added to your curricular site

Once approved, the student will be added to your Canvas and/or WordPress site and you will be notified.

PLEASE NOTE: Students added to Canvas as an LMS Exception will not appear in the Gradebook.

They will be able to participate in Canvas Discussions but they will not be able to submit work to Assignments or take Quizzes.