Landscapes of Change Fall Q - WordPress

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WordPress is a web publishing platform and is available at Evergreen at

Your Assignment

For each of the three Dry Falls locations, you will generate 4 WordPress blog posts related to that location and correlated to the location’s coordinates on Google Earth. These four blog posts will represent both the location and the team’s attempt to experience and express it as a “place”:

  1. A field notes post, that contains representative excerpts of text and drawings from all the team-members’ field journals.
  2. A map post, containing at least one map of the location made by the team,
  3. A gallery post, containing 9-12 photographs (3 per team member) that together represent the location;
  4. A collage essay post, which is a collaboratively written reflection on both the material and ineffable qualities of the location; and

Each set of 4 posts comprises an interdisciplinary narrative about a particular location.

Getting Started

Driving in WordPress

  • Dashboard Overview - get comfortable navigating the Dashboard and moving between Admin and Public view
  • Change your profile info

Writing and Managing your content

Adding new posts

  • Title your post with you Location and post type

Categories and Tags

  • Create a category for your team and use this category for every post your team publishes
  • Select the post type category for each post as well (map, gallery, field notes, collage essay)
  • Use post tags and tag each post with a location name. Use the same location tag for each sets of posts at the same location.

Adding Media

Working with GeoMashup Google Maps plugin

  • Set coordinates for Gallery, Field Notes and Essay Collage posts using geo-mashup
  • For Maps post attach a google earth .kml file to the post using add media
  • Use the following shortcode for your map posts


  • Tips: if you need to update your KML file you need to delete the old kml from the Media Library and you may need to delete the old post and start all over again (use copy and paste to save your work and transfer into the new post.)
  • More on working with GeoMashup and KML files

Additional Resources

  • Getting Started Tutorials - these tutorials are for working on but is nearly identical to using WordPress at
  • (on-campus) WordPress 3 Essential Training - this is another training geared towards using but if you skip the account setup portion most of the rest is relavent to