Large Format (4x5) Camera Proficiency Test

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Complete this written portion on a separate sheet of paper before arriving for your operational proficiency. The answers to these questions can be found in the Large Format (4x5) Camera Operating Guide

  1. What size lens do Media Loan’s Calumet 4 x 5s come equipped with? What is the angle of view for this lens?
  2. Name at least three other pieces of equipment patrons will need to check out with the 4 x 5 camera.
  3. What initial procedures must be performed to aid focusing and framing of the image on the groundglass?
  4. Describe how to perform tilts, swings, slides, rises and falls and how these procedures will affect the image.
  5. Where should you set the adjustment controls when beginning to frame the subject? Before moving a camera part, what should be done?
  6. What part of the camera does one move to perform the final focus?
  7. Describe the cleaning procedures for the two types of film holders. How often should they be cleaned? How can you tell if you’ve loaded film’ sheets correctly?
  8. Before loading the film holder into the camera and then before exposing your film, what should you do to keep from disturbing your image composition?
  9. How do you adjust exposure for the length of the camera bellows?
  10. What is the extent of your financial responsibility when you’ve checked out this camera?


(to be done during your scheduled appointment)

  • Identify all the parts and controls on the camera.
  • Mount the camera on the tripod and attach any necessary equipment.
  • Demonstrate focusing and framing of the subject.
  • Demonstrate procedures for adjusting tilt, swing, slide, rise and fall.
  • Load a film holder into the camera. Demonstrate the procedure for exposing the film.