Lecture Hall 1

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Purce Hall: Lecture Hall 1 is the largest lecture space at Evergreen. It is equipped with 2 wireless microphone systems, an AV podium, and an infrared Assistive Listening System.

Please note: LH1 is the only hall where the handheld and lavalier wireless microphones can be used at the same time.



  1. Turn on the system by tapping the touch screen.
  2. Select which source you are going to use with buttons on the AV Control Panel.


  1. Press the ‘Computer’ button on the media control panel.
  2. Select any of the three options from the touch screen console ‘Mac Mini' (Podium computer),’ ‘HDMI,' or ‘VGA’.
  3. Attach the HDMI or VGA cable to your laptop, be sure to include the audio cable for VGA.

Document Camera

  1. Press DOC CAM button on AV Control Panel.
  2. Press the document camera power button once. Be patient, this can take up to a minute to finish warming up.


  1. Select Blu-ray on the AV Control Panel.
  2. Press the open/close button on the blu-ray player and load your disc.
  3. Control playback and options with the touchscreen controls. A remote control should also be in the podium drawer.


  1. Press DVD VHS button on the AV Control Panel.
  2. Pick either VHS or DVD on the touch screen.
  3. Insert your VHS tape or load your DVD in the DVD side.
  4. Use the touch screen menus to play the tape or disc.

Wireless Microphone

Handheld Microphone

  1. Turn on the wireless microphone by holdinq the small button on the bottom for 5 seconds.
  2. Adjust the volume by pressing mic only on the AV Control Panel and adjusting the volume on wireless microphone.
  3. Press and hold the small red button 3-5 seconds to turn off when finished.

Lavalier Microphone

  1. Turn on the lavalier micrphone by the ON/OFF button located inside the front cover.
  2. Adjust the volume by pressing mic only on the AV Control Panel and adjusting volume on Wireless Microphone.
  3. Press the ON/OFF button 3-5 seconds to turn off when finished.

Lectern Microphone

  1. Adjust the volume by pressing mic only on the AV Control Panel and adjusting the volume on Lectern Microphone.


You can adjust the light settings on any input page by pressing Lights on the touch screen.

Finishing up

  1. Press System Off button
  2. Confirm the shutdown action.
  3. The screen should show a loading bar of the projector cooling down for a few moments.

Return equipment and LOCK all locks

Assistive Listening Devices

Each of these rooms are equipped with integrated infrared listening systems and have the following:

  1. A battery charger that charges 2 batteries (one per side)
  2. (2) headsets
  3. (2) batteries

The headsets, batteries, and charger are all located in the locked cabinet of the Podium. Faculty needs to have an A/V key (available from Key Issues or short-term checkout from Media Loan) to unlock this cabinet. Signage is posted indicating the classroom has Assistive systems available.

If you are approached by someone who needs to use the equipment, they will need a headset and a battery, and a mic will need to be unmuted at the podium

If the podium is being used, the podium mic is recommended; if presenting from somewhere other than the podium (chalkboard, tables in middle of the room, moving while speaking) then the wireless mic and batteries can also be found in the podium.

  • For any problems at all, or for assistance getting an Assistive Listening system working, please call x6270 as soon as possible. Assistive Listening is a very important communication tool for everyone who needs it.
  • If you notice any Assistive Listening equipment missing, please call x6270 to report so we can fix the problem quickly.