Library Accounts

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Students, Faculty, and Staff

Evergreen automatically creates a library user/borrower account for students. Your library card is your current Evergreen ID.

Students, staff, and faculty may borrow from the library's physical collections - books, maps, cds, and dvds - and use online services. Online services include searching the catalog, reserving materials, accessing subscription databases of academic literature, and using other e-resources. Some online services are password protected, including subscription databases when used off campus.

Accounts are audited every six months. Accounts for users who remain at the college are renewed; those who have left will be converted to community borrower. Our emeritus faculty retain their institutional accounts throughout retirement.

Community Borrowers

Those without an official affiliation with Evergreen may establish a community borrower's account, with current photo identification. Community borrowers may borrow books and cds but not films, inter-library loans, or Summit materials.

Community users may temporarily access subscription databases from computers within the library. Community accounts are also audited every six months.

Extended Education Students

EE does not involve admission to the college. EE students may establish and use library accounts as community borrowers.

Questions About Your Account

You can view your account online or call the Circulation Desk at 360-867-6250.