Linking to Library Catalog

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How to link to the library category in you wiki pages.

  1. Locate the resource you want to link to in Evergreen's catalog
  2. Towards the bottom of the entry, locate the Bib Util# and copy it
  3. Paste the Bib Util# at the end of the following url
  4. To limit the search to Evergreen's journal index use an S3 instead of an S1

If you search the Journal Title index for American Spectator and scroll down the page to Bib util#, you find 3398190. The url to link to Evergreen's record for American Spectator would be

Wiki Users

You can create a template in your wiki so that you can quickly reference the Bib Util# with something like the following:


and it will output the following in your wiki page:

Find this book in Evergreen's Library Catalog

The BibUtil Template would look something like this:

[{{{1}}} Find this book in Evergreen's Library Catalog]