Longhouse 1007A

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LCC 1007a and LCC 1007b are in the Longhouse, and provide a space that can be 2 separate rooms, but also combine into one large assembly area. These spaces host classes, conferences, and community gatherings as part of s'gʷi gʷiʔaltxʷ: House of Welcome.


  1. Tap the touch screen to start system.
  2. Lower the screen via the screen control switch on the wall.
  3. Press HDMI or VGA. depending on what plug your laptop uses. This will start the projector
  4. Connect the appropriate cord to your laptop (detailed instructions are available by pressing Help on the touchscreen (on the left, third button down).
  5. If you do not see your laptop image then restart the computer or check your mirroring/appearance settings in your display settings (Windows) or system preferences (Mac).
  6. Please note that 1007B also has HDMI & VGA buttons for a panel on the side wall of the room.


  1. To play sound from a phone or other media player, you will need an adapter with a 40db pad to plug into the mic port, or a mixer that can plug into the mic port. Mic volume is controlled from the mic screen. If you are playing sound from a laptop the video must also be present (a remote is available to turn off the projector if you are not using it)


Wired Microphones

  1. Connect an XLR cable into either input, Mic 1 or Mic 2. (Figure 1)
  2. Connect a microphone into other end of the XLR cable.
  3. Adjust the volume after you set you computer volume level (the main volume also affects the mics in the Longhouse) by tapping the Mics icon on the touch panel and using the the control for the port you connected to.

Wireless Microphones

  1. 1007a is YELLOW microphone.
  2. 1007b is Red microphone.
  • The Longhouse wireless microphones are now in the classrooms. They are locked in a metal box on the wall in each room near the AV control.

The Sem2 AV Key also allows you to unlock the Longhouse AV locks, You can request having this key issued to you via the Key Issuance Procedure or check a key out from Media Loan for temporary use under their checkout policies.

  • There is one microphones for each room.
  • The microphone with yellow tape only works in 1007A.
  • The microphone with red tape works in 1007B or can be combined to have audio in both rooms (see ‘combining’).
  1. To turn on the microphone hold down the red button on the bottom of the microphone.
  2. The “Mic” button on the side of the microphone is a mute switch. When illuminated red, the mic is on.
  3. Volume for the wireless is controlled by the main volume
  4. Batteries are accessed by unscrewing the lower half of the handle, sliding it down, and opening the door over the battery compartment. Be gentle when screwing the microphone halves back together.
  5. Remember to lock the microphones back in their correct boxes when you are finished using it.

A/V Mute

The A/V mute allows you to black out the projector and mute all audio.

Shutdown Procedures

  1. Select Power Off on the touch screen (lower left button)
  2. Confirm the shutdown action.

Return equipment and LOCK all locks


  • If you are using 1007A and 1007B as a single room, press the Combine Rooms button on the top left of the touchpanel, and then confirm that is what you want to do.
  • Both touchpanels will show the HDMI and VGA options in both rooms, select where you are plugged in.

Dual Room Wired Microphone:

  • Follow the same steps as a single room wired mic.
  • You must connect mics into the panel in 1007B (The right-hand side if you are facing the touch panels).

Dual Room Wireless Microphone:

  • Follow the same steps as a single room wireless microphone.
  • You must use the wireless mic labled B. RED TAPED MICROPHONE

Shutdown Procedures

  1. Select Power Off on the touch screen (lower left button)
  2. Confirm the shutdown action.

Return equipment and LOCK all locks


No picture?:

- Does laptop have power?
- Is data projector turned on?
- Is cable fully connected to the laptop or adapter?

No audio?:

- Is room volume on touchscreen turned up?
- Laptop: Is the volume on your laptop turned up and output source correctly selected?

Extra noise from the speakers?:

- Tap the mic button and make sure any mics you aren't using are muted.