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iMovie 2011 Multi-Cultural Counseling

Create a Project

  • Launch iMovie.
  • In the Project Library select the Desktop and click the plus symbol on the bottom right to create a new project.
  • Select no theme, aspect ratio widescreen and click create.

Import Video

  • Connect the camera with a USB cable to the computer, or insert the memory card into a card reader connected to the computer.
  • In iMovie click on the camera icon to bring up the import window and in the bottom left corner select the camera from the drop down menu.
  • The recorded clips should appear. Check the box next to the clip(s) that you want to import into the computer and click import.
  • In the import window select to save to the Desktop, create new event, and import

Note: It may take a few minutes to copy the clips into iMovie.

Basic Editing

  • Select a portion of the imported clip by using the yellow selection handles, drag either end to expand or contract the starting and ending points.
  • Click and drag from the center of the clip (hand icon will appear) and move into the the project panel.

Export a File

  • Once you have completed editing your clip, from the top menu Share > Export Movie.
  • In the export window there will be a few options for size to export. Files must be:
    • 200–300 MB or less
    • 640x480 dimensions or less

In the export window hover your cursor over the info icon (i symbol) to see an estimated file size.

  • Label this with your name, and save to the Desktop, and click export.
  • Connect to Orca File Space Overview and save a copy in your Cubby.
  • Delete files from the Desktop to maintain confidentiality of your work.