Making Meaning Matter - WordPress + Zotero

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Setting up Zotero with an API/Feed!

  1. In another browser tab login into and go to the Settings > Feeds/API page
  2. Click Create new private key
  3. Give it a description (like ZotPress) so you know what it's being used for
  4. Accept the defaults and click Save Key

Setting up ZotPress!

  1. Login into your WordPress site
  2. Activate the ZotPress plugin from your Dashboard
  3. Navigate to your ZotPress settings in your Dashboard and click Next to connect your Zotero Account to your WordPress site
  4. ZotPress needs to connect to your Zotero account and is going to need to know your:
    • Account Type = User
    • API User ID (from
    • A private key (from
    • A nickname for the account to make it easy to reference
  5. Click the Validate button when you're set
  6. Choose your default options and click next
  7. Import the contents of your Zotero account into your WordPress site

Adding citations to site's posts/pages!

ZotPress uses a set of shortcodes with parameters to call the plugin and pull filtered content from your Zotero account. To learn how to use these shortcodes:

  1. Navigate to ZotPress in your Dashboard and go to the Help section and review the shortcodes

Create a site wide bibliography

  1. Create a new page called bibliography
  2. Add the shortcode that will display the Zotero references for a site-wide bibliography this could be organized by "Collection", "Tag" or perhaps your entire Zotero account (userid or nickname)
    • To create a bibliography by collection use [zotpress collection=""]

Create an in-text citation

Note: you will need to know the hash value for each citation item. This is located in the Browse area of ZotPress Here's what an in-text citation might look like in your rich text editor:

Katie said, "Zotpress is cooler than your shoes" [zotpressInText item="{NCXAA92F,36}"].

And this is what it might look like on your blog:

Katie said, "Zotpress is cooler than your shoes" (Seaborn, 2012, p. 36).

To display the auto-generated bibliography, place the [zotpressInTextBib] shortcode somewhere in your entry after the in-text citation shortcodes.