Monal Chat Client for iOS

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Looking for a Jabber Chat client for you iOS device? Academic Computing is recommending Monal for iOS

Account Setup
Add Group Chat
Group Chat Settings

Monal Features:

  • Is free
  • Is ad free
  • Supports iphone and ipad
  • Supports jabber group chats
  • Is easy to configure and use

Monal Setup

Add a new Account

  1. From the App store install Monal
  2. Launch Monal and add a jabber account by going Accounts > Add New Account > XMPP
  3. Enter your JabberID =
  4. Enter your password = your evergreen password
  5. Toggle Enabled = ON
  6. Click Accounts at the top when you're done

Academic Program Group Chat

Join an academic program chatroom

Once you've created an account you can join an existing group chat

  1. Go More > Group Chat
  2. Enter the Chat room name you'd like to join. This will be provided by your faculty.
  3. Enter the server name. For academic programs use
  4. If the chat room is password protected you may need to enter the Chat Room password here provided by your faculty. Note: This is NOT your evergreen password.
  5. Click Join
  6. Go to Active Chats to begin participating in your chat room

Save the chatroom

This chat will be listed in your Active Chats window every time you connect

Set preferences to log chats

  1. Go Settings > Log Chats = ON

View chat logs

  1. Go More > Chat Logs
  2. Select the chat you'd like to view the transcript for

Still having problems connecting?

  1. Check all of the above instructions to verify you have configured your chat client properly
  2. Get help from the Computer Center (360) 867-6227, or email us.
  3. A small percentage of Comcast users may encounter issues with Comcast’s DNS servers.If you are a Comcast user and are still unable to connect:
    • Connecting through a router? Try connecting directly to your modem instead and see if you are able to connect.
    • If this works you can choose to do bypass your router when you need to chat or if you want to continue to use your router follow the next step to change your local DNS.
    • Change your network settings to point to Google's DNS server instead of Comcast. Follow closely the instructions located here. After applying this fix, delete your Evergreen account from Monal, recreate your account, and restart Monal.