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Moticam 2300

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  • The camera is used in conjunction with a microscope.
  • If you are seeking one of these cameras, inquire at LabStores (x6489) --Lab I 3rd floor.
  • The camera works with Motic Software which has been tested on Windows XP & Windows 7.
    • The software is 'hard-coded' to use this directory:
      • C:\Motic\Motic Images Plus 2.0\
      • The output path for captured images:
        • ...\Capture Folder
  • Standard windows users must have R/W/D permissions on the directory:
    • C:\Motic\
      • use the local group "users" and provide Read/Write/Delete --but not full control.
  • All of the Lab stores laptops have the Motic software installed and can be used with the camera.

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