Multi Cultural Counseling - iMovie

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iMovie 2011 Multi-Cultural Counseling

Create a Project

  • Launch iMovie
  • In the Project Library select the User Drive and click the plus to add a project
  • Select NO THEME, aspect ratio (standard or widescreen) and click create

Import Video

  • Turn on the DV deck (the light will be green) and insert a tape
  • In iMovie click on the camera icon to bring up the import window
  • Click on the manual switch
  • Cue up material using the navigation controls and press import to start recording into the computer
  • In the import window select to save to the User Drive, create new event, and import
  • Press Stop to finish importing

Basic Editing

  • Select a portion of the imported clip using the yellow selection handles, drag either end to expand or contract the starting and ending points
  • Click and drag from the center of the clip (hand icon will appear) and move up to the project panel

Export a File

  • Compile clips in the Project Window
  • From the top menu Share > Export Movie
  • For the highest quality select the largest file size available, label this with your name, and save to the User Drive
  • Connect to Orca File Space Overview and save a copy in your Cubby
  • Delete files from the User Drive to maintain confidentiality

Create a DVD

  • From the top menu Go to Share > iDVD
  • In iDVD select a menu style and change any labeling to suite your project description
  • When you are done go to File > Burn DVD
  • The DVD drive will open asking for writeable disc (DVD +R, and DVD -R are acceptable formats) DO NOT USE RW DISCS
  • Close the DVD drive and test before leaving