Museum or Mausoleum - Project Tips

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You will be creating multimedia presentations using a combination of media tools. Audacity for editing your audio, iMovie for combining still images with audio to create a video file.


  1. Still images
    • JPEG or TIFF is best
    • Image dimensions of at least 1280 pixels wide are best
    • Frame images to be "landscape", NOT "portrait"
  2. Audio
    • Edited and normalized in Audacity
    • Uncompressed WAV or AIFF files are best

Best practices

  • Use networked file space on Orca or cloud based storage as a backup for your local copies
  • Create folders and sub-folders to organize your media
  • File naming: Don't use special characters (except - or _) or have really long file names
    • Ex. "photo of strange artifact.jpg" would be much better named as " strange-artifact.jpg"

Museum or Mausoleum - iMovie