MyWorkstation - Mac to PC

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This is a guide for connecting from a macOS computer at home to a Windows computer on campus via MyWorkstation.

Install Microsoft Remote Desktop

  1. Open the App Store app
  2. Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop
  3. Find Microsoft Remote Desktop 10
  4. Click Get to install the app

Open MyWorkstation

  1. In a browser go to
  2. Login with your Evergreen account
  3. Click the All Apps button
  4. In the All Apps section click MyWorkstation
  5. You may be prompted for an authentication code
    1. Enter the code that was sent via text or the Authenticator app
    2. If you have logged in recently you might not be promoted for the code
  6. Another browser tab will open
    • Click Access Workstation if the remote computer has one monitor
    • Click 2-Monitor Workstation if the remote computer has two monitors
  7. If nothing happens when the link is clicked make sure that Microsoft Remote Desktop is installed
  8. A warning pops up that says This site is trying to open Microsoft Remote Desktop might appear
    • Click Open
  9. If there is a warning about a certificate click Continue
  10. A login window will appear
  11. Enter your password and click Continue
  12. Remote Desktop will enter fullscreen mode
  13. You should be observing and controlling the remote PC now

Remote Desktop Notes

  • To switch back to other macOS apps hold the command key and then press the tab key
  • To switch back to the remote PC:
    • Click on the Microsoft Remote Desktop
    • Go to Window in the menu bar
    • Select the name of the remote PC from the bottom of the list
    • Remote Desktop will enter fullscreen mode