My Evergreen Account Quick Guide for Students

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Account Creation

Student My Evergreen accounts are created automatically as soon as the student is made active in Banner, the college’s Student Information System (SIS). The source of this information is either from Admissions systems or manually entered by Registration staff.

Account Activation

There are several steps students will need to go through to activate their new My Evergreen account. An email will be sent to the student's non-Evergreen mailbox that we have on record which will explain the following activation steps.

  1. Look for an email: Evergreen will send an email to your non-Evergreen email account. If you don't get one, contact the Student Tech Support Center (360 867-6231. They can work with you to get a new email sent or complete the activation steps with you.
  2. Change Password: Login to with the temporary username provided in the email. Students will be asked to verify their identity (a verification code will get sent to the non-Evergreen email) and asked to change their password
  3. Select a Username: Once the password has been changed students can choose a new Evergreen username/email based on a selection of choices. This is not set forever, students will be able to select a different username/email up to three times per academic year.
  4. Login to My Evergreen: Once the systems synchronize and your new username is ready, an email will be sent to your non-Evergreen email address. After students receive this email they can login to with your new username and password. This last step will create a new home directory for you as well as a new Evergreen email account.


Every new student has access to standard resources once their account has been activated. These include

  • Home directory for managing and saving work.
  • Evergreen email account
  • membership to the All Student DL

Additionally, My Evergreen is where you can get access to many resources. for an overview of these and other useful tools, please go to My Evergreen Help. You are also added to the All Student Distribution List which may send you periodic campus emails. In addition, your account now gives you access to;

  • Schedule Evergreen - See public events and manage your schedule through Schedule Evergreen
  • Academic Progress - View all of your credits and evaluations of you by faculty
  • Academic Statement - Create and edit your orientation essay and academic statement
  • Evaluations - View past evaluations and edit new ones
  • Program and Class home pages - Access to your Canvas or Wordpress site for your program

Account Deactivation

My Evergreen Accounts for students last a few months past the graduation date (or the date that they left the college). When account deactivation for a student is two weeks away, an email will be sent to both their Evergreen email and their non-Evergreen email to let them know that this will be imminent. If you have concerns or questions, please contact the Student Tech Support Center at (360) 867-6231.

Former Student Account

After you graduate and your old My Evergreen account has been deactivated, you can always get a former student account. See the Former Student Account Help article for more information about how to do this and what this account provides.