Network FAQ

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Why is the Internet so slow?
The entire campus (including the dorms)shares a multitude of T1 fiber optic cable with current throughput speeds of 100Mb/sec. Evergreen only uses the bandwidth it normally needs, not all that is available. This means that sometimes (high use times) our connection can be slow.
When is the best time to use the Internet on campus?
Early morning is the busiest time (because many students are finishing up their work before class.) Usage also spikes between 2-5pm, when people are getting out of class. A good rule of thumb is the later it is, the faster your connection will be.
I thought I could access network files from home. Where's my paper?
Personal network file space can be accessed from home, but files on Scratch can't. Scratch is only available on campus.
I saved my work on Scratch, now I can't find it.
Tough luck. Scratch is completely open to everyone. That means anyone can delete a file. If the disk fills up, IT staff will purge the oldest contents. In other words, this space is TEMPORARY, your files will get removed. This is especially true at the end of the quarter. Scratch is great if you're moving between computers. It's not good for any long term or important storage.