Network Policies

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What Can Be Attached to the Network and How?

In order to maintain the security and reliability of Evergreen’s campus network, users are required to abide by the following rules when connecting devices to Evergreen campus networks:

  • all computers must have current anti-virus software installed prior to connecting to the campus network;
  • users shall not establish network or dial up connections that bypass Evergreen’s firewall;
  • connection of and/or use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) devices or software must be approved in advance by Network Services;
  • installation of Wireless Access Points or ad-hoc wireless networks must be approved in advance by Network Services (Wireless Access Points in Housing must be approved by the Housing Technology Manager) .

Please see the full Appropriate Use of IT Resources at Evergreen for more.

How long do I have an account?

See Evergreen's login policy.