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Excel Workshop

The Environment

  • Menu, toolbar, formatting palette
  • Workbook/worksheet
    • Creating, moving renaming worksheets
  • Selecting Rows | columns | cells

Modifying the Worksheet

  • Inserting a row/column: Insert > Row ...
  • Resizing rows/columns:
    • mouse over column/row header and drag border to resize
    • or select row/colum and right click to set width or height
  • The more you work with Excel you may want to customize the toolbar for those commands you use frequently: View > Customize Toolbars/menus
  • Column Headers, page headers
  • Split View - Window > Split

Cell Formatting

  • Text
  • Numbers, (decimals, scientific notation)
  • Formulas (the formula bar) View > Formula bar
  • Borders and shading

Adding, Selecting and Moving data

  • Creating a series
  • Different cursors for different operations: hand, plus sign, double-headed arrow
  • Keyboard Shortcuts (control home, control end)


  • AutoSum - a quick and easy way to add cells
  • Functions: Functions are predefined formulas that perform calculations by using specific values, called arguments, in a particular order, or structure.
  • Arguments: Values that a function uses to perform operations or calculations Common arguments Include numeric values, text, cell references, etc.
  • Operators: +-/*


  • Views: Normal and Page Layout
  • File > Page Setup
    • > Sheet to repeat headers across multiple pages
    • add Gridlines

Other tools for creating spreadsheets