O2R-MOTU-Digital Performer Cheat Sheet

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At a Glance

Directions for using the Yamaha 02R Console:

  • Locate Scene memory > Press Display > Toggle to Scene 95 or 96 > Press Recall
    • Scene 95 is for Multitrack Recording, Scene 96 is for Surround Mixing.
  • Studio: Patch in microphone to Panel A, Input 1

(Mic panels in 1362 are normalized to the inputs of O2R MIC/LINE inputs)

  • O2R - find Layer section and select Layer 1-24
  • Trim out microphone on Channel 1 of the 02R, and use +48V On/Off switch as needed (for condenser microphones, etc.)
  • Push fader up and you should see levels on the Meters
  • Push up stereo fader (Main Mix fader)
  • On the Control Room section, select STEREO
  • Turn up Control Room Level light grey knob to control speaker volume
  • Open Digital Performer and choose Audio Lab Template, save to Storage drive in your folder with your name on it.
  • On Layer 25-48 of the O2R, channels 25 & 26 are the MAIN L/R OUT of Digital Performer

Headphone Mixes

  • Use the Encoder knobs on the O2R to control headphone volume
  • In the Encoder Mode section select AUX
    • Aux 7 is normed to Cue 1, Aux 8 is normed to Cue 2
  • Use the Encoder knob on your LIVE channel to control volume to the headphones
  • Use the Encoder knob on channels 25 & 26 to control volume from Digital Performer Mix L Mix R

In Depth (pdf)

O2R Audio Lab Cheat Sheet.pdf