Payroll direct deposit

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Send your pay directly to your bank on payday

  • Go to
  • In the Employees section select Pay History and Information
  • Select Direct Deposit to set up or edit direct deposit for your paychecks
New direct deposit set up requires one “testing payroll” before the direct deposit goes through. Read the information carefully!
  • Complete the Identity Validation box with the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  • Select Edit Direct Deposit
  • After viewing the Direct Deposit Allocation page, you may select to Update Direct Deposit Allocation.
Here you may either update a current account by selecting the Bank Name from the Payroll Allocation section, or you may add a new account in the Add Allocation section. Read the information on each page carefully.
Accounts in Active status will be used on the next payroll processed. (funds will be deposited)
Accounts in Prenote status will be tested on the next payroll processed. (no funds deposited)
If you have closed a bank account, be sure to select the “inactivate” check box.
  • Save your changes
  • Select Direct Deposit Allocation to review your proposed pay distribution. The deposits will take place in order of the priority numbers. Confirm the priority, account types, amounts and/or percentages.
  • Contact your bank if you have any questions about your routing number or account number format.
  • If your routing number does not work we may need to add it to the system. Please use the payroll contact form to request this .

Important: To prevent unauthorized changes be sure to LOG OUT of

(Note: For direct deposit of Financial Aid excess funds see the eRefund web page.)