PerkinElmer Sprecturm2000 FT-IR (FT-IR-1)

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  • If the computer is turned off, the spectrum software will need to be run; do a 'BkGrd' (background scan) from the home screen. This needs to be done every time the computer is turned back on. This will initialize the instrument and put it into a ready state. The Ready green LED light should be on after the instrument has initialized.
  • The [PCI] computer controller board doens't automatically put the instrument into ready mode. Apparently, the ISA controller board does interact with the instrument to initialize it and put it into ready mode.
  • The instrument should be left on so the internal heater can keep the inside of the instrument dry. Internal moisture will degrade the salt based piece inside the instrument.
  • Controller board information:
    • Perkin Elmer
    • PCI Single T4 PCB
    • ASSY NO L1360664
    • ISS
    • "53-10/08/04"

Computer & Software

  • Software requires license key which can be found on the back of the CD case or on the license certificate located in the CAL Manager file drawer.
  • Software uses two directories found at the root of the drive: pel_apps & pel_data. Standard user will need write access to "pel_data".
  • Software installation requires the 'mapping' or setting of the transputer I/O address; this is the PCI card. There's a help document on how to do this: File:Perkin Elmer Spectrum Changing the Transputer IO Address.doc. An application will be required to set the memory address of the transputer: D:\IR Spectroscopy Tools\Set Transputer IO Address.exe
  • Perkin Elmer Spectroscopy software version 5.3.1 will not work on Windows 7 --already tested, and also not supported. Also, the software will only work on Windows XP 32 bit edition.

Analysis Software
  • Use SpecWin32 software to analyze spectrum files outside of the Lab. This software is installed in the CAL

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