Printer Hardware Support

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Printing Support

There are hundreds of printers available at Evergreen from individual desktops to network-attached multi-function devices (printer/copier/scanner). Keeping printers operational is a joint effort between users and the Technology Support Center (TSC). We provide best-effort troubleshooting and advice for all devices, including:

  • Initial setup, configuration and networking
  • Troubleshoot printing issues as they relate to the desktop configurations
  • Disposal of college owned printers

Printer Hardware Maintenance and Repair Services

The TSC does not perform routine maintenance (add toner, paper, cleaning kits, etc.) or repairs (replacing infusers, cartridges, rollers, clean out toner spills, replace toner cartridges or anything requiring more training, tools or knowledge than an end user would reasonably need) on any printers or copiers outside of the computer center and CAL.

Work areas that have leased copiers or multi-function devices from the Greener Store get support from them and a vendor. High-capacity printers are typically purchased with an extended warranty to cover major repairs (determine based on cost and budget).

Desktop printers are discouraged to encourage less printing and paper usage, both of which harm the environment. Generally, desktop printers are considered consumable - we expect they won't work for more than a few years and don't have enough value for a warranty or even minor repairs. The ideal situation is for work areas to share one or two high-capacity printers in a networked environment leased from the Greener Store.

Printer hardware maintenance and repair options for college owned printers include the following:

  • Purchase hardware through the purchasing office with a vendor who can provide an extended maintenance contract
  • Lease hardware through the college bookstore that would include a maintenance and repair service as part of the lease agreement (MFD's only)
  • Purchase small inexpensive desktop print devices that can be more easily replaced if necessary rather than repaired

Printer Purchasing

The college will assist staff to acquire printers through two different strategies. If a work area would like to purchase a printer, they may do this based on standard devices as identified below. Devices that are requested that are not on this list would require specific review and approval by the TSC before purchasing.

Alternatively a work area may decide to lease a printer/multi function device (MFD) through the bookstore. This is a good option for areas that are looking for a fully supported printing experience that can include materials (paper and toner), repair and replacement. For more information regarding this option customers should contact the Greener Store for more information.

The printers below are currently approved for purchase through the College Purchasing Office.

Desktop Printers
  • Black and white - M404dn ~ $329.00
  • Color - M454dn ~$475.00
Low Capacity Network Printers
  • Black and white - M507dn ~$750.00
  • Color - M554dn ~$680.00
Mid-Capacity Network Printers
  • Black and white - M612dn ~$1800.00
  • Color - M652dn ~ $1300.00
High-Capacity Network Printers
  • Black and white -M806dn ~ $3400.00
  • Color - M751dn ~$2700.00

The scanners and document camera below are currently approved for purchase through the College Purchasing Office

Flatbed Scanners:

  • HP ScanJet Pro 2500 f1 $289.00
  • HP ScanJet Pro 3500 f1 $529.00

Sheet-Fed Scanners

  • HP ScanJet Pro 2000 s2 ~ $319.90
  • HP ScanJet Pro 3000 s4 ~ $419.90
  • HP ScanJet Enterprise Flow 5000 s5 ~ $770.00

Document Camera:

  • Epson DC-07 Portable Document Camera ~ $200.00