Proficiency Check list

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Signal Tracing / Proficiency Check list

  1. Sign In the log book
  2. Follow the start procedures
  3. Explain the Toft simple room flow
  4. Explain the norms from the Toft submaster section to the Otari tape machine
  5. Explain the different sections and overall functions of the Toft Input Section, Aux/Cue, Headphone mixers, Submaster section, Submaster Tape return, Master Section, Talkback
  6. Patch in a source (iphone/CD) to an input channel of the Toft
  7. Trace the signal flow of an input channel
  8. Explain the features of the Toft Equalizer
  9. Explain the routing options for Aux to FX or Headphones and Prefader mode
  10. Explain the L/R and group sends
  11. Load tape on Otari
  12. Explain Otari controls
  13. Record a signal to the Otari
  14. Playback Otari track through Toft and send to headphone
  15. Playback Otari and record/overdub another track to the Otari while providing headphone mixes of both live channel and Otari playback
  16. Explain mixing options of Otari patched into Toft line inputs
  17. Go over or demonstrate inserts if you have time. Add effects to headphones or effects to a line input.
  18. Normalize room
  19. Shut down
  20. Log out