Proficiency Guide/Walkthrough

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Video Tutorial:

COM 346 Proficiency Video (Power On/Off Procedures, and Signal Flow from Computer to Speakers)


The information below needs to be updated to reflect changes as a result of Covid-19 and to include the newly-added Monitor Controller


Please read this article (link) about lab policies before working in the lab.

Startup Procedure

  1. Log into the Log Book and note any problems other students have had in the studio.
    • Is the mixer and the rest of the room normalized? If not, note it in the Log Book.
  2. Switch on the rack near the patchbay, then the powerbar in the rack on the desk.
  3. Power up computer.

Mixer Usage

  1. Patch a simple audio signal from the Buchla to the mixer input channel 1 via patch bay.
  2. On mixer channel 1:
    • Depress the “LINE” button to allow Line-level input to the channel.
    • Adjust the “GAIN” knob until the channel meter shows green LEDs but not red.
      • Can use "PFL" button above the channel fader if you want to see the signal on the larger meter above the Main L-R Faders, but make sure your L-R faders are down first!
    • Make sure that the EQ section is disabled.
    • Make sure the PAN knob is centered.
    • Assign the channel output to the “L-R” bus.
    • Bring up the channel fader to unity gain (0).
  3. Select L-R as the Monitor Source.
  4. Bring the yellow MASTER L-R faders up to unity, and you should see the Monitor Output meters indicate a level.
    • The Monitor Output knob will be your volume control for the speakers, as explained in the next steps.

Patching to the Receiver

  1. Patch the Monitor Output of the Mixer to the Yamaha Receiver VCR Input. (This is also a normalled connection, but do this step anyway for practice)
  2. Set the volume on the Yamaha Receiver (on the desk rack, top unit) to -20dB, and check that the input is set to VCR
  3. Bring up the "Monitor Output" level knob up to a good listening level.
  4. (Optional) Repeat steps using a stereo sound from the computer (YouTube, iTunes, etc.) patched to the mixer.

Shutdown Procedure

  1. Turn the Yamaha Receiver volume all the way down to “MUTE.”
  2. Normalize the mixer (all buttons out, all faders down, all AUX Send knobs down, all EQ knobs centered, all Gain knobs down, Monitor knob down, etc.).
  3. Remove patch cables from synths and patchbays, and NEATLY put them back on the hangers.
  4. Shut down the computer.
  5. Switch off all racks.
  6. Log out of the log book and note any problems you have had; they will be looked at weekly on Tuesday mornings.
  7. Switch off the lights and make sure the door latches behind you.