Psychology and the Arts - Youtube and Slide Presentation

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Learning Objectives

  • How to add/embed image and video files into a slide-based presentation
  • Includes an overview of the different methods available depending on what application and/or operating system one is using.

Uploading to Youtube

  • Create Youtube account or login with gmail account
  • Select "Upload" in upper right corner (sometimes the upload button appears as an arrow pointing up)
  • Select video from files folder, select "open"
  • Youtube will prompt you to change the name of the video, add a description, as well as change a variety of privacy and captioning settings. When finished a URL and an embed code will be generated for your video.

How to Insert/Embed a Media Files into Your Presentation

Using Powerpoint at Evergreen

  • Powerpoint, as part of the Microsoft Office suite, is available in the Computer Center and many other places on campus. PowerPoint is available for Windows or Macintosh, and in theory it is possible to bring your files between platforms (you may encounter issues with formatting and fonts).

Using Google Slides

  • Free and versatile online presentation software similar to PowerPoint
  • May be accessed online (desktop, mobile, tablet) or saved as a document to your computer or device
  • With a Google Drive account you get 15GB of free could storage and cess to other applications such as Docs, Sheets, and more
  • Ability to share files and folders, plus create and collaborate!

Google Slides

Add/Embed Video From the Slides menu, click on Insert > Select Video...

  • Use Video Search to locate a video on YouTube and embed it into the slide (be mindful of copyright/use permissions)
  • Upload your own video to YouTube, then at Google Slides, use the URL tab to enter the URL for your video
Add Screenshot/Image File
  • Drag-and-drop to place an image in a slide
  • From the Slides menu, click on Insert > select Image... and choose Upload to browse files on your computer or Your albums if you use Google Photos

Creating a Google Drive Account

  • Use your existing Gmail/Google account or create a new/additional account


Insert Video Files: use either of the following methods:

  • Drag-and-drop to place video file in a slide. TIP: If needed, adjust size from a corner to keep video in proportion.
  • From the Home menu, click on Media and select either Movie Browser or Movie from File to browse for a file on your computer.

Overview of the PowerPoint User Interface

  • Menu Bar Items: File, Edit, and View
  • Standard Toolbar and Buttons: Save, Open, and Print TIP: Hover cursor over a button to identify its use
  • Ribbon and Tabs (for quick access to features and tools): Home is used to insert and format slides
  • Left pane view: if it does not appear, go to View > make sure there is a checkmark next to Normal
  • Side Layout: placeholders
  • Notes pane: only the presenter can see this section when presenting