Remix Reverse Remediate- Creating GIFs from Found Videos

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Creating GIFs from Found Videos

1. Find the video link you want to use

2. Paste this link in and download following the procedure in class

3. Open Photoshop

4. Under the File Menu > Import > Video Frames to Layers in Photoshop

5. Determine a short selection from the video, the longer the clip, the harder the export

6. Limit to every 1 to 10 frames to support the needed compression of GIF

7. To adjust playback speed, click on the arrow at the bottom of individual frames in the Timeline and adjust the time duration. The larger the number, the slower the playback

7. Under the Window Menu > Motion workspace

8. Add any desired adjustment layers and text

9. Export Procedure

• Under the File Menu >Export > Save for Web (legacy)

• note what happens to the file size and color table as you choose different GIF compression settings

• You should now be able to preview the animation in the lower right

• Set your Loop options - once or forever

• Click Save and name your animated gif file

• Open the animated GIF with a browser to view and test see how it turned out