Reserving Spaces in Photoland

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Many of Photoland's spaces require reservations prior to access. If you plan to use the Black and White Darkroom or Special Projects Darkroom, the Digital Imaging Studio, or the Lighting Studios you will need to have a reservation. Spaces such as Film Processing, the Critique Room, and Photo Finishing do not require reservations but function on a first-come, first-served basis.

You can make a reservation through Schedule Evergreen, by calling Photoland directly at (360) 867-6274, or by coming in and speaking to a lab aide in person.

Using Schedule Evergreen

If you choose to make yourself a reservation using Schedule Evergreen, here's how it will work:

  • Head to [You can also access from your home page] At this point, you should be seeing your Personal Calendar which allows you to review your class times/locations and your scheduled lab times/locations. This includes any reservations made in Photoland.
  • On the Left-Side of the page are some Navigation links: Select "Spaces."
  • On the Right-Side of this page, select "Self Service." Self Service allows you, the user, to schedule yourself in one of the provided facilities, so long as you have the necessary access approval.
  • You will see several selections under the heading "Photoland" and the bottom of the page. Select which space you would like to make a reservation in. (Please note that some of our spaces require proficiency trainings before you can use them. These trainings are referred to as "Badges" in the Schedule Evergreen system. If you do not have the required Badge, you will not be able to make a reservation in the Darkrooms or the Lighting Studios.)
  • At the top of this page is where you select the "Space" you want from the drop-down. Note that you cannot reserve more than one space simultaneously.
  • Next, you will select the "Start Time" of your session. For the Date, using the down arrow will provide you with a calendar view which reduces the chance that you select the wrong date. For the Time, please keep in mind that we offer reservations in 4-hour blocks during open hours.
  • Now select the "Duration" of our session (in HOURS).
  • At this point, you can click the "Check Availability" button which will pull up the calendar below to reflect the date/time you have selected. If the space is available at that time, the calendar will be white at that time. If you see Orange, that indicates that the space is not available at the date/time you have selected.
  • If the stars align and your space is available, then click the "Schedule" button to make it official!

Currently, you do not receive a confirmation notice after clicking the "Schedule" button, but you are brought back to your calendar where you can verify that your reservation has gone through.

If you are denied because you are missing a "BADGE," you may need to schedule a proficiency. Take note of which badge you are missing and contact Photoland at (360) 867-6274 or visit our website to schedule a proficiency.