Roles and Permissions - Schedule Evergreen

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Administrator Role: "Space Commander"

The Space Commander role is the data steward for Schedule Evergreen. As such, the Space Commander provides the following services:

  1. Provide systems permissions
  2. Assign group permissions
  3. Update and provide manual and train space schedulers
  4. Activate and deactivate a space for use in scheduling centers
  5. Create a new space
  6. Reassign or change use for use of space
  7. Access to system to initiate business on behalf of Center Commander (i.e. proxy)
  8. Space Analyst Reporting

Center Manager Role: "Center Commander"

The Space Center Commander oversees the management of scheduling center data. In this capacity the Space Center Commander is responsible for the following tasks

  1. Creating Center Hours
  2. Defining and Assigning Operating Hours
  3. Creating space and resource groups. This is for the purpose of controlling how the spaces and related resources are scheduled. Note: space/resources groups are typically organized around the kind of space that they are, but this does not imply that spaces must be grouped in this way. Each space group can be defined and determined for a particular scheduling center based on the needs of the center.
  4. Assign Default Hours for each Space Group and/or provide hour overrides. You would use this when you want a special schedule to override a set operating schedule.
  5. Set Schedulability: Each space group as a schedulability value which may be defined in the following manner:
    • S – Users may schedule these spaces themselves
    • R – Users may request that a particular space gets schedule. Such schedule are simply
    • A – Users (student/faculty/staff) may see availability but not submit requests directly.
    • P – Space schedules are private and the general space availability is never displayed.
  6. Advertise the space group (i.e. publish hours): In order to advertise the hours, you must type in the “advertise” field in order for your space group schedule to appear with the above schedulability noted.
  7. Set Self Service Limits
  8. Create Center Badges: Create a badge to qualify a user based on a skill or certification that the user has met certain requirements that allows the person to reserve spaces or resources.
  9. Access Reports for the Center
  10. all of the Same access rules and functions that apply to a Center Ensign (below)

Scheduler Role: "Ensign"

The ensign role is for people in a Space Center who will be processing space requests for people submitting them, either curricular or non-curricular. In this capacity ensigns will:

  1. Receive and Confirm Booking (i.e. space) Requests
  2. Provide Overrides for Booking Space
  3. Assign Badges

Student Scheduler Role: "Cadet"

  1. Receive and Confirm Booking (i.e. space) Requests