Save an iMovie Project to the Network

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Organize your files

When working on a project save all the original still images and audio files into a project folder labeled with your name to the desktop. Any files that are used in your project will need to be saved to this file.

Save your iMovie project folder to the network

Consolidate a project’s media

If any of the video, music, and other media in a project is stored on a hard disk other than the one on which the project itself is stored, you can consolidate all the media used in the project onto the same disk as the project.

  1. Go to File > Consolidate Media
  2. Select Copy Clips

Backup your iMovie project file

to the folder that contains the source files on the desktop

  1. From the top menu > iMovie > Quit iMovie
  2. Click on the desktop, go to File > New Finder Window
  3. In the window navigate to Local Work > Users > find your folder > Movies > iMovie Projects
  4. Click and drag the entire iMovie Project folder (intact) to your project folder on the desktop
  5. Copy the project folder from the desktop to your cubby on Orca

To continue working on the iMovie project on another computer

Reverse the steps above

  1. Copy the project folder from Orca to the desktop
  2. Move the iMovie Project folder (intact) to Local Work > Users > find your folder > Movies
  3. Launch iMovie from the dock and your project should appear in the project library

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