Schedule Evergreen Overview Presentation

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Schedule Evergreen overview sessions to walk faculty and staff through the application and scheduling guidelines.

Curricular Scheduling

Faculty Overview Presentation

Throughout fall quarter 2018 faculty will be presented with overview information on Schedule Evergreen, timelines, related policies and basic how-to's. The file below is for those who'd like to review this information or those who haven't been able to make the overview

Faculty Overview

Scheduling Workflows

Scheduling Curricular Events (Offerings) Quick Reference

Faculty schedule their curricular activities and request space for those activities directly into Schedule Evergreen.

Curricular Scheduling Diagram

Non-Curricular Event Scheduling

Scheduling a Single Event

Any faculty or staff at Evergreen can schedule and request space for a single event on campus. Students who want to do this can work through a staff sponsor or a faculty member who can schedule and request space on their behalf.

Single Event Diagram

Scheduling an Event with Multiple Activities

Staff and Faculty at Evergreen can schedule and request space for a multiple activity event on campus. This would be something whereby a single event has multiple activities that would require multiple space reservations and that might need to have adjacency heavily considered during the space assignment process. This could also be an event that spans multiple days but that you would like to have under a single umbrella event.

Multiple Event Diagram