SeaLife DC1400 Underwater Camera Proficiency Test

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Answers may be found in the SeaLife DC1400 Underwater Camera Operating Guide and SeaLife Underwater Light and Flash Operating Guide. Complete this written portion and bring it with you to workshop. Call 867-6253 if you have any questions. Good luck!

  1. Describe how to set the Scene Mode when you are using both the Digital Pro Flash and the Pro-Video Light.
  2. What underwater white balance setting should you use in shallow water with a lot of algae content?
  3. Describe how you would record HD video.
  4. Describe how you would format the memory card.
  5. Describe how you would maintain a waterproof seal on the camera housing.
  6. What is an o-ring and how would you install and remove one?
  7. How would you set up the housing?
  8. What should you do before entering the water?
  9. Describe how to connect the flash link optical cable.
  10. Create checklist from operating guide and bring to workshop.
  11. What is the extent of you responsibility when checking this or any other equipment out from Media Loan?