Signal Tracing-Proficiency Checklist-COM 111A

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Signal Tracing / Proficiency Check list-COM111A

  1. Sign In the log book
  2. Follow the start procedures
  3. Explain the simple room flow
  4. Explain the normalizations between the API to Apollo X16.
  5. Explain the different sections and overall functions of the API-Input, Aux/Cue, Busses, Program, Monitor Output Controls, Control Room, Control Room Source, Central Facilities Module, Meter Bridge
  6. Patch in a source to an input channel of the API
  7. Trace the signal flow of an input channel
  8. Explain the features of the 3 band equalizer
  9. Explain the routing and output section (Direct, Summing busses, Program)
  10. Explain the channel Cue function and Master Cue section
  11. Open Protools and save a project using the 111A template
  12. Record your signal into Protools
  13. Explain the Protools Cue routing and patch (protools headphone cheat sheet)
  14. Get signal to headphones from live signal
  15. Get signal to headphones from a pre-recorded Protools track
  16. Explain mixing options through board or Protools and monitoring
  17. Normalize room
  18. Shut down
  19. Sign Out.