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Your Assignment

You will post a short 3-5 minute audio podcast drawn from your interviews, accompanied by 2-3 photographs on the Small Things group WordPress site.

Getting Started

Driving in WordPress

  • Dashboard Overview - get comfortable navigating the Dashboard and moving between Admin and Public view
  • Change your profile info: Name and Bio

Add a new post

  • Use the +New > Post menu in the top Admin bar to create your first post
  • Add your text to the content area
  • Publish your post by clicking the blue Publish button on the right

Edit a post

  • From the Dashboard go to Posts > All Posts and click the Edit button beneath the post you want to continue working on
  • Make your changes in the content area
  • Click Update in the Publish block to save your changes

Adding Images

You will be adding images to your post.

File management: we will all be sharing a single media library. Make sure to use a unique file naming convention.

Adding Audio

Use the Add Media button when editing your post and upload your audio file (in the .mp3 format) and insert into post. This will automatically create an embedded audio player with transport controls to play/pause your audio track.

Additional Resources

  • Getting Started Tutorials - these tutorials are for working on but is nearly identical to using WordPress at
  • WordPress 3 Essential Training - this is another training geared towards using but if you skip the account setup portion most of the rest is relalted to