System Overview - Schedule Evergreen

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Schedule Evergreen is the college's primary space and related resource management system for all curricular and event scheduling across the Olympia and Tacoma campuses.

What does it do?

Schedule Evergreen manages campus space requests and confirmations, manages publishing of events, and provides user specific schedules.

  • Space Requests: all spaces, except a small amount of administrative meeting spaces managed by specific offices, are reservable through Schedule Evergreen.
  • Event Publishing: all campus events, both curricular and not, are advertised through Schedule Evergreen.
  • User Driven: all authenticated users (students, faculty and staff) have access to their own view of Schedule Evergreen from, where they can request space, see confirmed spaces, and see events.

Who uses it?

  • Students can view availability of, or reserve spaces for specific areas on campus that support their academic work.
  • Students can work with a faculty, staff or student group sponsor in order to reserve space for an event, except for select specialty spaces that they can self-schedule.
  • Students can see their academic schedule once they have registered for an offering.
Faculty and Staff:
  • Faculty and Staff can research and see if any space is available for their event or offering (faculty only). They can see what other events are confirmed for the space that they are researching.
  • Faculty and staff can create event with a schedule of activities and request space for the activities.
  • Faculty and staff can see their own schedule that included events they own and/or have subscribed to.