Technology Help for Supervisors of New Staff

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ePAF is the paperwork that is done by several departments for your employment. When you take a temporary or student staff job you are given an account and that account ends on your last day of work indicated in the ePAF. This means if you are going to continue working a new or revised ePAF with a new employment end date must be submitted by your supervisor to HR. If it happens late or the process is slow you can be locked out of your staff account. IT will tell you that you have been terminated. This means you need to talk to your supervisor. They in turn need to call HR. IT can't help you login to your account until the Termination is removed from your account.

Often when you have had an employment gap, you may also have an expired password. Once your account is activated again you can go to or the forgotten password URL Give the servers a few minutes to record your input and then login. If you continue to have a password problem contact or put in a technology help ticket.

AUP is the Acceptable Use Policy. It shows up on your new employee account when you first login. You must read and accept the AUP. (mark the check box) or your account is not finished being setup. Your email account will not be activated until your sign yoru agreement that you have read and agree to the AUP.