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AV Rack

  1. Press RACK button on the wall AV Control Panel
  2. Press DISPLAY button on external AV Control Panel to turn on projector
  3. Select your video source: VGA (Laptop), HDMI, BLU RAY, DVD/VCR or MAC
  4. Insert or plug in your media
  5. On the audio mixer use the individual source knobs to control the volume.
  • Make sure volumes on the rack mixer are turned up almost all the way for the source you are using, then set listening volume at the AV Control Panel
  • (the rack mixer feeds into a line input, and if it is too low, the AV control panel input gain has to be cranked up to noisy levels to be able to hear the signal)
  1. Turn down all unused volume knobs that are not in use.
  2. Return individual source volume knobs the audio mixer to zero when finished.

Please power everything off when done & lock the AV Cabinet