Ten most important things you should know about computer security

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The Ten Most Important Things You Should Know About Computer Security on Campus

  1. Do not share your computer passwords with anyone.
  2. Do not write down your computer passwords in order to prevent others from finding them.
  3. Use strong passwords; use a minimum of eight characters, include numbers, change case
  4. Secure your machine by logging out or by using a password protected screen saver.
  5. Use secure network folders to save your data when possible
  6. Don't download or install software not related to your function at the college.
  7. Don't click on links or open attachments in e-mail messages that you were not expecting.
  8. Don't store personal identifiable information (SSN, birthdates, credit card number, etc..) on your computer or portable electronic devices.
  9. Don't trust anyone who asks for a password or personal infomation via e-mail or phone.
  10. If you think your college computer may have a virus, call the TSS Help Desk at ext. 6627