Terroir - Intro to Cell Phone Photography

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Basic Photography Tips


Great shots start by having the subject in focus. When focusing your shot think about:

  • Stabilizing your camera as much as possible
  • Using tap to auto-focus feature to tell you camera what part of the image to focus on


  • Avoid direct sunlight, have subject stand in brightest patch of shade
  • Avoid backlighting subject (unless it's on purpose)
  • Enjoy shooting during the "Magic Hour" (sunrise/sunset), the golden light makes your photographs look amazing
  • Low light settings? Make sure to stabilize your phone by bracing your arms against your body. Pay attention to your breath.
  • Some phones offer the ability to set the exposure by tapping on a dark or light region of the image.

Framing the Shot

  • Use the rule of thirds when framing your shots
    • Do a Google image search on 'rule of thirds photography' to get some ideas about this principle
    • Many phone cameras give you the option to display a grid while shooting.
  • Foreground and Background
    • Notice what is in the background of your shot.
    • Change your angle or move closer to your subject so that the background supports the image or at least does not distract from the subject.

Get Inspired

Here are a few favorites resources for viewing great photography:

Tips for Using Instagram

Effects and Filters

Instagram has many effects and filters, some may enhance your visual images, some may ultimately detract from a successful image.

  • Use effects/filters sparingly and always compare with the original image (by tapping the image) to make sure your are in fact improving the image
  • Double tap a filter to access the slider to set the amount of filter to apply
  • Tilt-shift & Depth of Field