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Banner - a relational database which means that records have related data that is relevant to different parts of campus and is shared across the campus. The person may be an alum (former student) AND an employee AND a currently enrolled student but there will be only ONE record for that person. Each department on campus (Student Records, Advancement, Finance and Financial Aid) adds its respective information to the one record. Alternative ID numbers and names are stored on that record to prevent duplicate records from being created by data entry staff. Campaign – A period of time in which funds are raised for a specific purpose. Constituent - Any record that has a donor category. This makes the record part of the Alumni/Development system. Designation - A fund or account. For example, the designation code for Annual Fund is OPSAF. The first three letters of the designation code indicate the fund or account and the last two letters are specific to the description. OPS = Operations FDR = Foundation Restricted FDS = Foundation Scholarships (student support) ENE = Endowment Earnings END = Endowment Corpus (money we can’t spend) FDG = Foundation Grant Donor Category – The VSE code attached to the record (i.e ALUM, PRNT, FRND). To post gifts, pledges, relationships etc. the record must have at least one donor category. The category code is a standard designed to help schools, colleges and universities benchmark the goals and progress of their development programs against other institutions. Fiscal Year – A 12 month period of time used for calculating annual financial statements typically in a business or organization. The fiscal year varies between businesses and countries. The Evergreen State Colleges Fiscal year begins July 1st and ends June 30th. Form – The information that is displayed when an item is picked from the menu. APAIDEN, AGCGIFT, APAMAIL are examples. Each form contains BLOCKS where data are stored. Generated ID – Banner can assign an ID to a record when it is being created. Use the MAINTENANCE icon on APAIDEN to have the ID assigned. Additional Ids can also be attached to a record such as SSN, a number converted from your legacy system, and for non-person records a SMARTID. Gift – A donation or contribution given by a donor to support a fund. IDEN form – Each system has it’s own version of a form where records are created. SPRIDEN, APAIDEN, FOAIDEN are examples. The first character indicates what system it belongs to. The “S” indicates student, “A” indicates alumni/development, and the “F” indicates Finance. Memo Credit – When a donation is made the donor receives an acknowledgement letter for their gift, if they have a spouse or significant other that person receives a memo credit (a.k.a. soft credit). The same applies for employers or employees when matching gifts are made. Oracle – The operating system that is used by Banner. PIDM – Personal ID Master. This is the internal system ID that is assigned by Banner to each record. PIDM is in addition to any generated or manually entered ID entered by the user. Pledge – a commitment by a donor to make a gift or donation sometime in the future. Prospect – Any alumni/development record having a donor category that is identified as a prospect via the form AMAINFO. Shared data – Information that is used by all systems. This includes: name, ID, SSN, addresses, alternate names, name types, email, telephone numbers, confidential flag, deceased flag, gender, birth date. Updates to any of these items are viewable by anyone who uses the record. Solicitation – a “request” or “ask” for someone to make a gift or donation. Sometimes called an “appeal” it can be by phone, a written request sent by mail or a request in person.