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When do student resources go away?

When you are longer enrolled in courses as a student at Evergreen (i.e. you are "withdrawn"), you will eventually lose access to student resources.

Your student status may be updated to "withdrawn" if any of the following apply:

  • You are admitted to Evergreen but do not attend or successfully complete the first quarter you were admitted. Your status is updated between weeks 3 and 5 of the quarter you were admitted.
  • You successfully completed the term you were admitted but have been gone for 4 or more quarters after that. Your status is updated week 3 of the 5th quarter you were not enrolled.
  • You asked to be withdrawn from Evergreen (via Registration and Records' Change of Status form). Your status is updated immediately when Registration and Records receives your form.
  • You were attending as a non-degree-seeking, non-admitted ("special") student and are no longer registered. Your status is updated the week 3 of the first quarter you are not registered.
  • You completed your degree and graduated from Evergreen. Your status is updated when your degree is awarded. If you are withdrawn because you graduated, you have access to student resources for approximately one year after you last attended. If you were withdrawn for any other reason, you will lose access to the account and associated resources around weeks 4-5 of the quarter in which you stopped attending.