Venezuela - FCP Subtitles

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Workshop Goals

  1. Create and position titles the the Outline Text generator.
  2. Save master text clip in the Browser.
  3. Use the master text clip to create each title.
  4. Export projects.

Creating Titles

First we will configure all of the settings for a master title clip.

Here is an article with more detail of what is below.

Turn on Title Safe

  1. On the top of the Viewer click on the View pop-up menu and select Show Title Safe.
  2. Repeat for the Canvas window.

Using the Title Generator

  1. Drag a test video clip into a new sequence and then put the playhead at the beginning. . We need to test the tiles over a video clip.
  2. In the lower right corner of the Viewer click on the Generators button ( it looks like an 'A' in a filmstrip.
  3. Select the Text menu and then the Outline Text option. In the Viewer in will now display Sample Text.
  4. Click on the Title clip int the Viewer and drag it to the Canvas and select Superimpose.
  5. Double click on the title clip in the Timeline.
  6. In the Viewer click the Controls tab.
  7. In the Text field change the text.
  8. Select the font and size and needed.
  9. Set Line Width to 15 and Line Softness to 10.
  10. Change the Text Color if needed.
  11. For the Center settings enter 320 in the second field. Adjust as needed.

Adding a Drop Shadow

  1. Click on the Motion tab.
  2. Click the triangle next to Drop Shadow to see all the settings.
  3. Click the box to turn it on.
  4. Set the Offset to 1.5.

Creating the Master Title Clip

  1. Once you have the basic settings for the title, drag the title clip from the Sequence to the Browser.
  2. Give the clip a meaningful name.

Creating a Nested Sequence

If your project has a complicated timeline with lots of edits and tracks it might be easier to make a nested sequence to add the titles to.

  1. Go to File > New > Sequence.
  2. In the Browser name the new sequence.
  3. In the Browserdouble click on the new sequence to open it in the Timeline.
  4. From the Browser drag your final edit sequence into the Timeline of the new sequence.

Adding Titles

  1. Open the sequence that needs titles.
  2. Set an in and Out point for the first section that needs a title.
  3. Drag the Master Title Clip from the Browser onto the Canvas and select Superimpose.
  4. Double click on the title clip in the Sequence to open it in the Viewer.
  5. Click the Control tab and change the text.
  6. Adjust any settings as needed.
  7. Repeat for each title.


Share to DVD

Share can be used to export Sequences or burn them to DVDs.

  1. Select a sequence in the Browser. Hole down the Command key to select more than one sequence.
  2. Go to File > Share (Shift+ Command + E).
  3. If more than one sequence is selected the Share:multiple Sources window will open.
    1. Select Combine sources into one source.
    2. Fill in the Custom Name field.
    3. Check the Add Chapter
    4. Select Source Name for the Name Markers with setting.
  4. Select where to save by choosing the Destination Folder by clicking the Choose button at the top of the window.
  5. From the file type drop down menu select DVD.
  6. Click the Create DVD check box and fill in the Filename.
  7. Name the DVD in the Title field.
  8. A background image can be added by clicking the Background:ADD button.
  9. Click Export to export the file and burn the disc.

Export QuickTime Movie

If you need to export a file to be compressed or burned to a DVD in another program such as Toast or iDVD use this command.

  1. Select File > Export QuickTime Movie (Command + E).
  2. Leave the settings at Current Settings.
  3. Choose to export both audio and video.
  4. Check the box Make Movie Self Contained.
  5. Name the movie and save into your folder.