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Artists (recently featured at vimeo):

Things you will need

  • a domain name: see choosing the right domain name
  • a web host or web service
  • a template or theme
  • plugins to do things like embed video or create image galleries

Some of the available options for hosting a website

setup a web hosting plan and you choose what web app to use


  • customized installation of WordPress
    • can install all the themes I want
    • all the plugins
  • downside
    • time spent configuring themes and plugins

Web Services: Combined hosting/web application

many of these sites offer free trials


  • less time spent installing themes and plugins
  • disadvantage: limited set of themes and plugins
  • costs extra to customize

Basics of web development

  • how does the web work?
  • intro to web apps and databases
  • intro to HTML
  • intro to CSS

Wordking with WordPress themes

  • Working with themes at or a self-hosted WordPress site.
  • Some recommended FREE portfolio themes:
    • Touchfolio
    • Hatch
    • Gridly
    • Full Screen

Premium themes