Visual Literacies- Audio Recording into Audition

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Recording with an USB connected microphone into Adobe Audition

  1. Plug your USB 2 Cable into the computer terminal to the USB to XLR Adaptor to the XLR cable to the Microphone
  2. Open the Audition Menu> Preferences > Audio Hardware
  3. Change the default in-put to the microphone you want to use by selecting the USB option and select OK

To Record in Audition:

1. Make sure you are in the Waveform panel of Audition

2. Near the bottom of the program in the middle press the red circle to begin recording

3. Press the record button again to stop the recording

4. Most likely your recording will be fairly quiet

5. Go under the Favorites menu and select Normalize to -0.01, which applies a constant amount of gain to an audio recording to bring the average or peak amplitude to a target level

6. Save and rename your audio recording