WMA Conversion - VLC

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Some of the audio recorders at Media Loan record to WMA files. If you need to edit theses files you will need to convert them first. The open source app VLC can be used to playback and convert the files.

Playback on macOS

  1. Drag the file to the Desktop.
  2. Open VLC.
    1. click the magnifying glass icon in the top right of the screen.
    2. Type "VLC" and double click on the VLC icnon.
  3. Drag the wma file to VLC where it says" Drop media here".
  4. The file might start to play automatically. Press play/pause as needed

Converting on macOS

  1. Go to File > Convert/Stream.
  2. Drag the file to the top where it says"Drop media here".
  3. For Choose Profile select Audio - CD.
  4. Click Save as File.
  5. Click Browse.
  6. Name the file and select where to save the file.
  7. Click Save.