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Instructions on how to connect to network filespace on Windows 10

On Campus Access to Fileshares

Click the Windows Key on your keyboard and the "R" Key at the same time.
The run window will open. type in \\servername, for example, \\orca

You will be prompted for your log in information. Provide your evergreen login in the form ""

Off-Campus Access to Fileshares

Read only access

From a web browser go to enter the URL of the file server you want to connect to

Read and write access

Map Network Drive.

  1. Copy the URL you need from the list above
  2. Go to "This PC" via the file browser or search box
  3. Select the "Computer" tab toward the top left of the window
  4. Choose "Add a Network Location." This begins the Add Network Location Wizard
  5. Click Next
  6. Select "Choose a custom network location". Click Next
  7. In the space provided, paste the url/link/location that you selected above.
  8. You may be prompted for your log in information, if so, provide your evergreen login in the form ""
  9. You will be asked to name the network place. This can be anything you want
  10. The wizard will ask if you wish to open the network place when you choose finish, check or uncheck the box as desired. Click Finish
  11. This will create a new icon in My Network Places that corresponds to the location you just added.
  12. You maybe asked to authenticate (login) as you browse around. If this happens press cancel and you should see your files.

Note: Your firewall software might block the connection to the remote fileshare. If you can't connect to the filespace and have double-checked the instructions, you might need to add a firewall exemption for the fileshare.