16mm Film Projector Operating Guide

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Setting Up

Open the latch on the front of the projector to remove the side cover.

Raise both REEL ARMS (2 & 13) until they click.

Make sure the FUNCTION LEVER (16) is in the STOP position, then connect the AC power cord into a standard wall outlet (DO NOT REMOVE THE GROUND PLUG!) A green lamp located beneath the lens will light up.

Before you thread the film, you can pre-focus and adjust the size of your picture by turning the function lever to the first forward lamp position. Move the projector back from the screen to enlarge the picture and closer to the screen to make the picture smaller.

Raise and lower the picture by using the black ELEVATING KNOB (12) on the front of the projector. When the picture is correctly sized and positioned, adjust the FOCUS (5) knob until the edge of the light is sharp. Turn the FUNCTION LEVER (16) to stop.

Place the film to be shown on the SUPPLY REEL ARM (2). It should feed off in a clockwise direction; the leader of the film will usually be green.

Place a take up reel on the other reel arm making sure its the same size or larger than the supply wheel.

Lock down both reels by pushing down the small ARM LOCK BUTTONS (1 & 14) on the reel arms.


Insert the leader of the film into the FILM TRIMMER (11).

Press down firmly on the raised end to cut the film leader to the proper shape.

Push the SELF-THREADING CONTROL (10) into the self-thread position, then turn the FUNCTION LEVER (16) clockwise to the first forward position.

Insert the lead end of the film into the film insert guide where the projector should pull the film in and thread it automatically.

When enough film has come off the last roller to attach it to the take up reel, turn the FUNCTION LEVER (16) off.

Gently tug the end of the film against the last roller to restore the self-threading mechanism to its normal

operating position.

You can also thread the film manually using the diagram on the reverse side of this operating guide.

Showing Film

When you've finished loading the film, turn the FUNCTION LEVER (see diagram below) clockwise to the first lamp position (the second lamp position is used only if you need a brighter image). Focus and frame using the controls near the lens as detailed under 'Setting Up.' Turn on the volume and adjust the treble and bass (9 & 10 on Function Lever Panel diagram) for tone. An external speaker may also be plugged into the front of the projector.

Still Frame and Reverse Projection

To still frame the picture, depress the STILL PICTURE CLUTCH (4) lever. The image will be very dark in still frame. The lever must be fully depressed or film frames may get burned. If the shutter is blocking the picture, turn the INCHING KNOB (6) in either direction until the image is no longer blocked.

For reverse projection, simply turn the FUNCTION LEVER (16) counterclockwise to the lamp position.