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*'''[[Widgets]]''' - add additional features to your sidebar
*'''[[Widgets]]''' - add additional features to your sidebar
Wayfinding for your audience (navigation and layout)
=== Wayfinding for your audience (navigation and layout) ===

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Week 1 Workshop

Access your site

Your sites have been pre-created based on a site template. To access your site:

  1. Login to blogs.evergreen.edu
  2. navigate to My Sites in the upper left for a listing of all sites connected to your login

Site Visibility

Your sites are currently set to be viewable by members of our college network, meaning anyone with an Evergreen login.

  • You can choose whether your site remains viewable by only the Evergreen community or you can make it publicly viewable.
  • To protect specific posts, edit the post's visibility and set to Private. Private posts can only be seen by you.

Accessing Your Peers' Blogs

Each of your blogs is linked at the main A-POP site, [ address/link here ]

  • [ include main site page name here ] To view your peers' work, visit their site by clicking on the link in the list of sites
  • Once at their site, you can provide feedback by commenting directly to their posts

Display Name

How your Author display name can be changed site-wide.

  1. Go to Edit Profile from the "Howdy, your name" drop down in the upper left admin bar
  2. Change the "Display name publicly as" field to your choice. First name last initial is a good option.

Site Title

Your site's were created using the pattern First Name's A-Pop Blog. You can change this in your Dashboard.

  1. Go to Settings > General
  2. Change the Site Title field and click Save Changes

Writing and Managing your content

  • Get Published - Pages and Posts
  • Welcome page, "Hajime" - initial information to include: introduce yourself, and talk about what is it about pop culture that fascinates you?
  • Categories and Tags - Every post you write should be added to one of the three categories provided: To Da Max, Mixplate, Talk Story
  • Custom Menus - let you modify your site's navigation and add links to new pages or post categories or create sub-navigation.

Images, video and linked files

Week 2 Workshop


Customize Your Site

Examples from previous students of A-POP

Recommended Themes


This is default theme your site is already set to use. This theme has a flexible Theme Customization panel located in Dashboard > Appearance > Customize, that lets you customize a few components.

Additional themes

If you feel compelled to use a different theme, the following themes will work well on mobile devices (they are responsive) and make good usage of navigation (Menus) and widgets so you can design a site where viewers can easily find and interact with your content.

  • Baskerville (custom header image)
  • Editor
  • Hemingway (custom header image)
  • Ignite
  • Padhang
  • Tracks (works best with featured images saved to posts)
  • Twenty Twelve, Twenty Thirteen, Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Sixteen

Additional themes may not have Theme Options but can be modified by Appearance > Customize

Sidebars (Widgets)

Sidebar content in WordPress is controlled via "Widgets". Often times if you don't anything to your sidebar a default set of "widgets" will appear. You can change this by adding your own widgets.

  • Widgets - add additional features to your sidebar

Wayfinding for your audience (navigation and layout)

Week 6 Workshop

For this session we'll first meet in small groups of 3-4 people.

Each person is to identify one element of a peer's site that you really like and/or find successful and one element of your own site you feel could benefit from improvement - this could be both content and/or design elements.

We will then share out highlights from our small group discussions to the larger group.