APS Bolex Filter Kit Quick Guide

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The guide will cover the contents of the filter kits at APS as well as how and when and how to use each filter. You may also look at the chart at the bottom for an idea of the range of filters made. While we do not stock all of these filters, it may be helpful to get a sense of the exposure compensation required and other requirements for each filter.

The Bolex filter kits are a useful tool for making real-time adjustments to your film. There are a variety of filters that each have their own effect on the film for achieving things like color correcting, allowing wider apertures (with neutral density [ND] filters), converting daylight balanced film to a tungsten balance and vice versa, or adjusting contrast. Almost every filter has a specific purpose and can only be used in specific lighting situations.

There are two kinds of Bolex filter kits at APS, those for black and white fim and those for color film. Each type is available for use with both bayonet mounts and turret mounts. Keep in mind that bayonet filter holders can only be used with bayonet mount cameras, and vice versa for turret mount cameras.


Filter Name f-stop Increase Use !
Red 25 +3 Creates dramatic sky effects. Simulates moonlight in midday by slight under-exposure.
Yellow 8 +⅔ Tonal correction for outdoors. Makes greater contrast in foliage and in clouds against a blue sky.
Yellow 15 +1 Creates dramatic dark skies and marine scenes.
ND3 +1 Blocks light to allow wider aperture.
ND6 +2 Blocks light to allow wider aperture.


Filter Name f-stop Increase Use !
Sky 1A 0 Use anytime outdoors to reduce blues and add warmth.
80A +2 Converts daylight film for use with 3200°K lamps.
85 +⅔ Converts tungsten balanced film to daylight balance.
85N3 +1 ⅔ Filter 85 combined with a .3 neutral density filter.
85N6 +2 ⅔ Filter 85 combined with a .6 neutral density filter.